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DigiByte OS X wallet Setup Guide

Navigate to the downloads section of this site and choose the DigiByte OS X wallet to download.

Double click the dmg download and move the DigiByte Wallet to your Applications folder.

Hit command + space, and type "System Preferences."  Once you click and open System Preferences, then click "Security & Privacy." Enter your OS X password and select open DigiByte wallet in the bottom of Security settings. 

Setup a completely unique password for your DigiByte wallet. DO NOT USE a password from some other account you use, or your operating system password. Write it down somewhere safe and keep it secure. This prevents thieves from stealing your DigiBytes, even if they gain access to your wallet.dat file.

Navigate to File -> Backup Wallet. Back up your wallet and save it to a secure place such as a thumb drive or external hard drive that is offline. The "wallet.dat" file is how you recover DigiBytes in the future. If your backup does not exist in three physically separate secure offline locations consider it not properly backed up. A good rule of thumb is to give your backup a date and name such as "July_2017_John_Doe.dat"

On an average PC with an average Internet connection the wallet will take an average of 3-4 hours to fully synchronize with the DigiByte global blockchain.  Please allow more time if you have a slow pc or Internet connection. NOTE: There is a known bug in the sync time estimation; ignore it if it says it will take several years. This will be fixed in next release.